100% Polyester Jumbo Cones of Thread

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We now stock high quality 13/4 100% Polyester Bag Closing Thread

Jumbo Cones weigh 15 lbs - 20 lbs and come in a box of 4

Satake TM05 Demo Dehuller

Satake TM05 Lab size Dehuller comes with cereal screen Small Sample - only requires 200 grams of material Applications - Produces samples, milled to different degrees of whiteness in a short amount of time Laboratory Use - Compact …

Mobile ISM 50 Fractionating Aspirator

ISM 50 Fractionating Aspirator Mobile Unit  Comes with 1200 Watt X-Stream Generator  and 8" and 6" augers Clean all types of seed & grain Increase seed quality and remove dockage Separates out high …

Kwik Kleen 772 Screen Grain Cleaner

Kwik Kleen 7 Screen Grain Cleaner Model: 772 Capacity: 10" Auger Drive: 15gpm Hydraulic Auger: 7x72" Screens: 7x Cylindrical Comes setup with initial set of screens to suit your application.


100% Polyester Jumbo Cones of Thread


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