100% Polyester Jumbo Cones of Thread

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We now stock high quality 13/4 100% Polyester Bag Closing Thread

Jumbo Cones weigh 15 lbs - 20 lbs and come in a box of 4

Satake REZS4000 Color Sorter

Introducing the high capacity, cost-effective, full colour precision optical sorter series from Satake.  Ideal applications include bulk agricultural products such as wheat, lentils, peas and other small grains. The REZS Series sorter is able …

6" 8-Way Flat Back Distributor - 3 Available

6" 8-Way Flat Back Distributor Galvanized Steel 3 are available

Gjesdal M400X Grain Cleaner

Gjesdal M400X S/N slm400X-1036 Approximately 40 bu/hr Comes with additional screens Scalpers 24RH, 15RH, 20RH, 7RH, 5SL Grader Shells 9RH, 5Sl, 7RH, 12SL, 5RH, 6RH


100% Polyester Jumbo Cones of Thread


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