Labtronics Grain Moisture Tester

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Get accurate moisture testing

The Labtronics Model 919 grain moisture tester has proven to be both durable and reliable in several agricultural fields, including producers, elevators, and government agencies. It features a 3.5" removeable cell for fast, accurate and easy grain testing.

Feature Highlights

Rugged Construction

Die-cast aluminum housing for maximum durability.

Fast and Easy Testing

The percentage of moisture can be obtained from a sample in less than one minute.

Portability - Use It In the Field

A 9 volt DC plug is included, allowing the unit to be transported and used under any field conditions.

Features 919 Moisture Tester
Power 110V, optional 9V
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Labtronics Grain Moisture Tester

Features 919 Moisture Tester
Power 110V, optional 9V

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