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Bucket Elevator Accessories

Flaman Grain Cleaning & Handling has a lot to offer in the bucket elevator accessories department. We are offering transitions, elbows, spouting, valves, flow retarders, distributors, flanges, and more.

Kwik Kleen 572 Grain Cleaner

Kwik Kleen 572 Grain Cleaner Each machine comes with one set of screens of customer choice. The price of the electric or hydraulic drive option is the same. Length: 108" Width: 58" Number of augers: 5x 72"…

Assorted Flow Retarders 6"-8"

Clearance Items - All items AS IS 2x 8” Flow Retarders asking $125.00 for the both of them 7x 6” Flow Retarders asking $150.00 each 4x 8” Offset Flow Retarders asking $45.00 each 7x 8” Flow Retarders asking $180.…

Gjesdal 2500 Grain Cleaner - On Sale!

Gjesdal 2500 Grain Cleaner - On Sale The Original 5 in 1 Aspiration - Pre and Final Air Scalp Deck - Removal of large material (Scalping) Grader Shells - Removal of small material (Sifting) Small Pocket Indent - Buckwheat …


Transitions & Accessories


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